Would you like to do the following activities as part of your job?

Travelling & being away from home

Physical Activity and the opportunity to play sport/keep fit during the working day

Protecting the country

Training and Personal Development

Being supported in my development, while being given responsibility as soon as I'm ready


Staying calm under pressure

Do you have any formal Qualifications?

Being at the centre of the action, in peacekeeping, disaster relief or armed conflict situations.

Solving problems and fault finding

Planning or managing projects


Electronics, computers or IT systems

Leading or being responsible for others

Maintenance and repairing equipment or vehicles

Being an expert in weaponry and combat

Driving a variety of vehicles

Planning or organising getting supplies to where they need to be

Maintenance and repairing equipment

Building and maintaining bridges, roads and buildings

Conducting or using building or land surveys

Medically treating or caring for people or dispensing medication

Delivering humanitarian aid and disaster relief

Driving or maintaining tanks and armoured vehicles

Learning and using trade skills such as carpentry, plumbing or bricklaying

Operating plant machinery and driving large vehicles (HGV's)

Maintaining security, law, order and control

Working at sea or in ports

Obtaining and analysing a variety of information to make predictions and recommendations

Erecting and maintaining telecommunication equipment

Study for higher level qualifications

Ceremonial duties, taking part in parades

Working with aeroplanes and helicopters

Office work and administration

Working with horses or dogs

Creating and using maps, drawings and scale models

Using all forms of communications (including cyber) to provide high level intelligence

Work with geographic data and satellite imagery

Organising and looking after the welfare of staff (Human resources)

Learning and using survival skills

Bomb disposal or mine clearance

Working with metal or welding

Protecting the environment

Caring for animals, veterinary services

Cooking, catering and food preparation

Translating and using foreign languages

Working with spreadsheets, accounts and finance

Dentistry, oral hygiene and teeth

Managing fuel & fuel storage/transport

Playing musical instruments and entertaining others

GCSE English - Enter Grade (A-E or 1-9)

GCSE Maths - Enter Grade (A-E or 1-9)

GCSE Science - Enter Grade (A-E or 1-9)

Additional GCSE (Any Subject) - Enter Grade (A-E or 1-9)

Additional GCSE (Any Subject) - Enter Grade (A-E or 1-9)

Additional GCSE (Any Subject) - Enter Grade A-E or 1-9)

Number of A Levels (D or above)

Other trade qualifications

UCAS Points if known

ACT Score if known